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2011 Camaro Convertible First Production Pics. To Debut at LA. Starting at $30k.

Chevrolet announced the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro convertible will start at $30,000 and be available for purchasing in February 2011. The $30,000 price includes an $850 destination charge.

This means the all-new Camaro convertible will cost $2,000 more than the current convertible Ford Mustang, which makes sense since it looks a million time better, and the Ford Mustang convertible is a pretty good design!!!

I spoke with a GM marketing representative a few days ago that confirmed the car will make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto show on November 17.

I am so happy to see the design team got a tonneau cover over the top. This gives the car a much more polished look!!! (The Ford Mustang convertible which is missing a tonneau cover looks ridiculous, and unfinished.) The tonneau cover on the all-new Camaro gives it really finished, streamlined, clean, high-end look.

I am not crazy about the fin, You would think they could have found a better way to hide it.

Also notice the rear headrests elevate up in a way we have not seen in any spy photos.

If this is not the best looking car ever made, I don't know what is!!!!!!!

The return of the American Muscle Car is now complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really Cool!!!!!


P.S. Obviously the official photo below is of the SS V-8 version of the car which should retail for around $40,000.

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